Monday, 7 October 2013

It's all happening!

So we are foster carers! Yes, the wait is over, the house is full, there is never a dull moment and it's great! We have had our ups and downs already but actually our newest member has settled into their new home surprisingly well considering where they've come from. 

Their arrival was quite sudden in the end. I was walking over to a friends house for afternoon coffee when my phone rang; the agency with a referral - nothing unusual! I phoned my husband and we agreed to put ourselves forward - also nothing unusual! I phoned the agency back and gave our answer, excellent (and not unusual!) they'll call the social worker and let them know. By this time I was at my friends house and the kettle was on. 5 mins later I get a phone call from the placing authority. 'thanks so much, we'll be with you in about an hour' Panic stations!!! I left my coffee and ran, literally. First to the local shop to get an easy dinner and more bread and milk, then home to quickly clean and tidy their room, make the bed and give the house a once over. I also managed to feed the kids and fill them in on our news.  My hot and sweaty, flustered state had to be well and truly hidden when they arrived, and instead I composed myself to be the most calm and collected Carer around! It was tough, but I managed it, reminding myself that they would be feeling a lot more flustered and anxious than I could ever imagine. 

That evening there was a lot of talking, and that hasn't stopped really. But amongst all the off loading we have done quite a lot already. We've managed to organise education, after school activities, health checks and they even have a social life too. Its all rather good. 

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